My Passion is Growing

purple passion plant growth

Here’s the latest picture of the Purple Passion plant I acquired about three weeks ago, showing its growth. It has two pretty long leafy vines. I’m surprised that they stick out like antenna, without drooping to the table surface. They must be pretty strong and lightweight.

So far the plant is doing pretty well. I water it pretty arbitrarily, generally when I notice the soil getting dry. I also heard a tip from a coworker that this plant prefers filtered light instead of direct sunlight. It’s sitting on my dining table, in front of an open window.

Purple Passion Plant

Only two plants originally remained from my life transition about a year and a half ago. I used to have a huge cactus, nicknamed “Steller Cactus” that I killed a while back (with much regret, but it was rotting). The other that I have is a very forgiving viny thing of some variety. I don’t know what it is, but it apparently is hard to kill. I’m not that good with plants as far as I know. It’s survived all this time with little maintenance and probably both over-watering and under-watering. It’s actually quite huge compared to when it was given under my exclusive care.

I have always liked houseplants. I just wish I didn’t have to care for them. I remember my Uncle Steve having tons of plants in his old house in SW Portland. This image remained with me forever, and I always dreamed I would have a bunch of plants. Well, maybe some day, when I have time to learn about them and care for them. For now, I prefer low maintenance.

Last week I acquired my second plant. I noticed a very cool looking plant sitting in the kitchen at work. I simply had to know what it was. I asked around and found out that the receptionist grows them. It was super bright purple and fuzzy. I’d never seen anything like it. After talking with the receptionist, she offered to give me one. She said they are pretty forgiving and are easy to cut off and make new plants. She already had one started and brought it in for me the next day. Hurray!

I immediately re-potted my new plant in a small pot I had sitting around. Technically it should probably be in one that has a hole in the bottom for drainage, so salts don’t collect and kill it (I read at least that much a few days ago). But then I’d have to clean stuff up and water it more often. We’ll see how it does and decide that later. My other plant is doing fine in a pot without a hole. But it too might eventually suffer without drainage.

Hopefully my Purple Passion plant will survive. If so, I’ll try to remember to post photos every once in a while here, showing its growth. If it dies, then I’ll be sad and won’t post anymore photos.

Look at the fuzzy bright stuff (technical term).