I Like WordPress OK

This is my first experience using blog software besides my own since retiring my blog on esotropiart. Everything on that site was hand-coded and behind the times because of my lack of investment in it. I always knew I could develop a good interface for administration, but I lacked the time (or perhaps just the desire) to do it.

A couple years ago I played around with Blogger and had a mirror of my blog automatically published to my Blogger account, which was hosted on my own shared account (a technological option offered at the time). I’m not sure what Blogger is like nowadays, but I definitely like the WordPress interface more than what I remember of Blogger.

I have also experimented with a couple other CMSs like Drupal and Joomla. Both are hideous from the getgo as far as usability goes. Their interfaces are too low-level and unspecialized. It’s basically not possible to do anything practical without first installing a bunch of nested and complicated add-ons. The terminology in many CMSs isn’t sensible either. WordPress is far in advance of any of those other options for getting content on a page quickly and easily. It’s geared around blogging, which just so happens to be what I want to do anyway. Of course, there are also many add-ons for WordPress that probably make it just as versatile as the other CMSs. Therefore it appears I’ll be sticking with WordPress for now.

I have to admit it’s refreshing to just type what I want to say, without worrying about any special encoding. I wish I had the time to program my own specialized CMS that is built to do exactly what I want (and nothing more). Quite honestly, however, I prefer to benefit from the work of others right now. I’m not interested in getting back in the pattern of spending hours on the computer every day. There’s many good reasons to distance oneself from being absorbed by computer usage. Yes, I need this outlet: this literary, journalistic, spiritual and personal expression. Even so, I am limiting myself to what I feel is a healthy amount of time spent (wasted) on these ridiculous machines by focusing on what I feel are profitable and efficient uses. I’ll write more on that topic later.