Good Friday Drawing – Jesus Christ Bears the Cross

I finished my drawing for Ethnos Church Stations of the Cross last night. It’s based off the engraving, “Jesus Arrives at Calvary” by Gustave Doré. Click on the image for a larger version and for more information about how I drew it. If you want to take a closer look in person – and see some other great artwork, and deeply contemplate the last hours of Jesus’ life in a non-threatening way at your own pace – drop by Stations of the Cross any time between 5am and 10pm to the free event tomorrow, Friday, April 2. The Stations are also open Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Check the Stations web site for more information and directions.

Ethnos Church Stations of the Cross Flier Design

I designed a flier for this year’s Stations of the Cross event, with some help from my friend Kevin Carlson. Originally, when faced with the possibility of the task, I couldn’t really think of anything to draw. Several artists at church were asked if they could come up with something. I was hoping someone else would. Kevin came up with a sketch of a crown of thorns inspired by celtic knot designs. He also did a drawing of a stylistic Jesus face.

These designs of Kevin’s were enough to get my brain going, and I came up with some stuff of my own. I was especially inspired by the idea of forming different shapes out of the crown of thorns. I first drew a S and a C for “Stations of the Cross”. To make some abstract backgrounds, I took a natural sponge, dipped it in dark black ink and made swishes on some paper. After several attempts with the ink, I had enough relatively pleasing material to scan for use.

After scanning my S and C, and the ink drawings, I messed with them using Inkscape and Serif DrawPlus X3. Inkscape has an awesome vector trace function that outperforms all programs, including Adobe Illustrator, CorelTrace, DrawPlus and so on. Oh, and Inkscape is absolutely free. Get it. Use it. It’s slow, but otherwise awesome. The rest is history – see more original art. Here’s the completed flier for you to look at. Here’s a full page poster version of the flier with Kevin’s Jesus face and crown of thorns artwork included. In fact, consider this an invitation to come to Stations of the Cross. Invite all your friends too. Everyone is welcome! It’s on April 2 and 3… well, just look at the flier with all the pertinent info. Or better yet, visit for more informaton.

This year I’m pretty heavily involved in helping out with this event. I’m pretty excited about it. This morning we passed out fliers to the neighborhood surrounding our church. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy doing this with my church family. They are awesome people. God has been very good to me through them. My life is constantly changing through their positive influence.