Nada Prophet

A short post about how I’ve been thinking lately. Shortly put, I am NOT a prophet. Unless I hear the Spirit of God in a dream or vision telling me to say “Thus sayeth the Lord” or something like that, I will not claim any special prophetic gift. There is danger – even a curse – for the one who claims to bear the words of the Lord God, but does not.

Even so, I have been spoken to by a great Prophet, the greatest Prophet of our age. He has told me many things, yet He has not made it 100% clear that these things are to be directed toward any particular person or people group other than myself. The things that are spoken to me are very vivid, and my personal opinion is that they speak also to this generation, even the church of our time, insomuch that I am a part of this generation and this age of the church. Most importantly, and most certain, they are words for ME. I am broken and crushed and raised to life by the Spirit of God who mercifully calls me to repentance, to holiness, and to service of His kingdom – none of which would be possible for me to desire, much less achieve. Yet with God, all things are possible. Not so with man.

Part of my desire in sharing my journey, my process, is that through some of what I’m learning perhaps someone else will also benefit. The primary goodness of my writings so far have not been the words themselves. I don’t even know if anyone has read them and benefited. Frankly, these words are for me. I’m simply sharing what the Great Prophet is sharing to me. When I rehearse and study these things by writing them down, I benefit greatly! When I wasn’t blogging, failing to record the things God was showing me, I suffered greatly. So I write, and I grow.

There is danger in claiming that these words are for “everyone else too”, or the church, or this generation. To do so without the authority and instruction of God in my lips would be my own judgment. I’d be taking the place of God, trying to prescribe what I was not told to prescribe. I’d be thinking of others than less than me. I’d be a Pharisee. No thanks. I’d rather be the man who beats his chest whom the Pharisee looked down upon, saying, “Thank you God that I’m not like that man!” For that man who beat his chest went home justified before God. Repent! Turn from your evil ways, O man. Don’t cherish iniquity in your heart!

If anything I share sounds like something you need to hear, pray to God about it. Seek the truth found in Scripture. See if what you read lines up with other voices you hear coming to you from trustworthy sources. If the Prophet’s message to me fits in with your own journey or convicts you, great. If not, great. Only seek what the Prophet might be saying to you.

Who is this Prophet? He is the Holy Spirit of the living God who dwells within me. He has been speaking very vividly to me. He is the great Prophet of our age, speaking directly into our lives as the very lips of God Himself. He convicts and comforts, He burns like a raging fire to refine us. He makes us bit-by-bit into the very image of Christ, who is the image of Almighty God! If you too are in Christ, you too have the Spirit in you. Listen to Him. Invite Him to take control and submit/yield your will to His. This is what I’ve been mercifully learning over this past year and some months. It has been a powerful journey. And yet in some ways, I’m just as much a bundle of flesh as I ever was. The Spirit is stronger by far than anything in me. If He calls, He will eventually win. I cannot resist.

Do you desire to go deeper? Practice Spiritual disciplines. Search the Scriptures with great passion. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. Listen to the Spirit with insatiable desire, and you will be filled and satisfied. You will go deeper, be closer. You will hear Him speaking.

It is this hope, this goodness of the Lord unto me that I wish to share freely. My own goodness is absent. The best of me is wretched. Yet where I appear to be very very weak, He is able to make me strong. In fact, it is only through submitting to the fact that I have nothing to offer that I can be filled with something, no Someone worth sharing. He has made me something entirely different. His work continues while I’m still in the flesh. He is not done with me yet.