I Like the Library

Here I am at Beaverton City Library. I’m sitting along the south wall on the upper level at a nice study table. I had not taken particular notice to these tables before. I like how they are situated near large windows, with lots of light.

As I was riding my bike to the library I exclaimed just under my breath that today is the most perfect day of the year. We have had a pretty nice summer. Several days supplied record breaking heat. While I would normally be among those who allow the sweltering heat to get to the complain centers of my brain, this year I chose differently. I took great joy in the beautiful weather, and now I wish it would not end. September has been abnormally warm. Here it is the end of the month, and we have heat and sky clarity that rival any typical summer day! I declared today to be perfect in particular because of the fall breeze. Perfect summer temperature combined with a mild breeze is sheer delight.

In the past I have found it somewhat difficult to study without distraction at the library. I tend to get visually distracted in wide, open spaces. I like to see what’s going on around me, and when the visible area is great, I tend to look around more. I like to observe people. Of course loud and vivacious, gaudy locations aid in this distraction. Humble, earthy places tend to be more conducive for my ability to concentrate. Sitting here near the perimiter of the room rather than in the center affords less distraction because there is slightly more cover and less 360 degree surroundings. I am enjoying it and will prefer the brink positions. Though, it seems many people prefer these tables, so I have competition.